CHICAGO | April 18, 2010
Posted by tim @ 6:53 am

Reggies is a pretty sweet place, and their food is rad too. Yeti vs Yeti and Minneapolis Henrys both brought the house down and I wish there was enough light to capture the two INSANE dudes electrocution dancing!

Afterparty at Spanky’s complete with SuperNes Frogger and Jeopardy! Then we played a game called “Get in your sleeping bag head first and nothing bad will happen, I promise”

Fun Times.

Oh, and Alan is now known as Alligator.

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Cleveland, we’d really love to play here eventually |
Posted by tim @ 1:03 am

So yet again we’ve tried to play Cleveland, and yet again we’ve been canceled very last minute. This time curteousy of a curt email from the RocBar stating that all shows are cancelled and will not be rescheduled. Pretty shitty, RocBar!

At any rate, we didn’t let that stop the fun! We still drive 8+ hours to Cleveland and had a crazy Karakoe Party at Adrienne and John’s!

I have some pretty embarrassing video footage of our rythm section tearing up sone song I’ve never heard, but I can’t figure out how to post it from my phone!

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Asbury Park! 4/15 |
Posted by tim @ 12:51 am

We had so much fun at Asbury Lanes. Big thanks to Mike and Pete for having us on!

All the bands were super cool, and it was rad running into Jeff from the ergs again after so many years. You should all check out his new band, Black Wine!

Thanks Miranda and Jeff for putting us up and sharing even more ridiculous YouTube awesomeness! You can keep my towel as payment for fun times. I’ve only used it a few times, so it should be good as new after a wash & dry.

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Philly / 4/14 | April 16, 2010
Posted by tim @ 10:51 pm

The Khyber was pretty sweet. Both Homophones and Braxton Parker were great, and there was this Geffory Rush looking dude who kept shaking everyone’s hand a thousand times. We’d also like to send a shout-out to our new friend Lag!

After the show, we were following Ryan, the sweetest soundguy we’ve ever met, to his place for some low key hangout and sleep time. He made it sound like it was real nearby, but after a while we found ourselves heading up some strange highway, taking some strange exit, and pulling up to some desolate corner on some creepy road. Now we’re not real familiar with Philly and have no clue where we are, when he stops at the light and jumps out of his car and starts heading towards us.

We’re all airing our worries to eachother as with every step he gets closer to the van. Did he change his mind? Has he just been trying to lose us and gave up? Did he remember his house is being fumigated, or did he lose his house keys? Maybe he was just going to rob us?

Needless to say, we were all sitting forward at full attention when he finally made it to our drivers side window. “Hey! Supposedly this corner is in the book of world records or something. There’s different cemetaries on each corner. See? There’s one, and there’s one. One over there, and another there.”

He jumped back in the car before we busrsted with laughter and followed him back to his place for a night of amazing YouTube videos and stories.

Ryan, I forgot my pillow. It is a really nice pillow, and I miss it, but i’m glad it found a good home!

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New York | April 14, 2010
Posted by tim @ 2:54 pm

New York’s always pretty fun. Walking around; hanging with
old friends; making new ones. Show was fun, even if all the other bands announced that they were moving the party down the street right before we played. Weird night! Lousy double bookings.

Now we’re lounging in Fort Green with old Dayton Dude, Jake, thinking about a nutritious breakfast and moving onto Philly.

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